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January 2014

Get those legs walking ladies

8248103F2219AC68170F9D08AF9A4FE8.jpgOn Tuesday 7th January the weather changed dramatically and the beaches that had been full of people enjoying the sun the day before were now empty. 822E3FBC2219AC6817B5DEDBB0806797.jpg The temperature dropped by 9c, the clouds were dark and heavy and the waves were high but despite this Becky and I enjoyed a 3 hour walk along Cronulla beach before heading to 'Nulla Nulla' restaurant for a late, and very good, lunch.
On Wednesday 8th we tied on our walking boots and headed out to Audley in the Royal National Park. The wattle forest is totally amazing and you can just 'feel' how clean the air is. There are opportunities to hire large pedaloes and kayaks and a couple of families were out on the glassy water. 82155A402219AC6817DB0E615FEA355B.jpg After cappuccinos in the pavilion cafe Becky communed with nature 81F4FBD12219AC6817696596EE05921A.jpg and we watched cockatoos dancing 82026DAF2219AC68174C9F08977FAEFF.jpg before taking a walk around the forest and then driving out to Wattamolla on the coastal side of the Park.
Wattamolla Lagoon is stunning 81E6EE4C2219AC68177664212C369B5B.jpg and apparently the water is bath temperature but we didn't get a chance to experience it this time because we wanted to head off along the Coast Track to Garie Beach. The scenery along this route is breathtaking 81DD4B192219AC68179DCEE5BC3E5E70.jpg81D65B342219AC6817635B3FFC7660FD.jpg and there is a waterfall at Curracurrong that drops into the sea. 81A153632219AC68179A65060862A9E4.jpg Although only a 5 mile walk, the terrain was quite challenging 81B81F2C2219AC6817B31CB7019FEAC7.jpg but we made some interesting discoveries along the way 81CF178E2219AC68174F4ECF5BA5D569.jpg81C8290F2219AC6817210280B0C8B8A1.jpg and at one point we startled a wallaby who gave us a quick look and then hopped off into the bush.
Garie is a surfers beach and the waves were pretty good 81745E872219AC6817FE82D5627DF69F.jpg but there were only a couple of surfers in the water. There is a surfers club house on the beach but unfortunately it was 'members only' and there is no drinking water on the site except bottles that you can purchase from the kiosk at the bottom. After a fortifying cup of tea we made our way back along the Coast Track and then home to Cronulla for a shower and a g & t. I certainly slept well lat night!

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Out of the floods and into the sunshine

FDEB3F022219AC68176EEC2CF469DEDE.jpgAfter an inauspicious start with a late departure from Portsmouth, the M3 was almost empty (???), Terminal 5 at Heathrow was a dream and the flights were good. Transiting through Singapore airport was very easy and the airport itself was impressive. Unfortunately BA have plumbed the depths with their catering and there was almost nothing, except yoghurt, that was edible ?. Their 'English breakfast' looked like a dog's stool embedded in congealed wallpaper paste. I think it was supposed to be sausage and scrambled egg but who woud have known? I was also very restrained with my in-flight alcohol consumption (despite my reputation) so the 3.5 kilos gained during the last month are beginning to disperse. Hurrah! After 28 hours of travel we touched down in Sydney early and I was through the airport within 20 minutes ??. Unfortunately Becky had to go to work for the day so after we all went out for breakfast Tom and I had a relaxing walk along the beach FE4D41C12219AC6817425ED352DED46D.jpg and then went home to catch up and play a couple of games of dominos. That night Tom cooked us dinner while Becky relaxed after her hard day at the office. FDFFDD512219AC6817136AE28025A3B0.jpgFDF607BC2219AC6817FC9617BBD1FEF7.jpg
It is wonderful to be back in Cronulla and it is HOT, HOT, HOT! No complaints, I am well aware of the weather I have left behind, but I am rather pleased that Tom and Becky live on the corner of the eighth floor FE0B96B22219AC68171E7AD0F2821FD4.jpg and have a constant 'through' breeze. I walked around Cronulla for about two hours today (check out the photos) and my face was so red when I got back I wasn't sure if I was sunburnt (yes I am being sensible and wearing factor 30) or on the verge of a heart attack ?. I think a swim is in order.

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