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Time for some brain exercise

One of the nice things about lengthy house sits (and mine vary from three weeks to two months) is that there is no imperative to rush about exploring every day and you can relax and enjoy the local neighbourhood. I will be doing much more exploring when I get to my next house sit in Brisbane as it is a city I haven't been to before and the dog I will be looking after there is used to being left alone for longer periods. This sit has been very quiet and relaxing for both of us 4947CA9DF79F26F995354B9B8F02F725.jpg but, having had two weeks of relative inactivity, I decided it was time to at least get my brain back into gear. I have signed up for a free online Spanish language course with 'Duolingo' and so far it is proving to be both entertaining and educational so thank you Andrew for the recommendation. Hopefully the next time I go to Spain I will be able to say a lot more than just "Dos cervezas por favor".
I have also registered for two online courses with 'FutureLearn', one on Forensic Psychology (run by the Open University) and the other on Irish history between 1912 and 1923 (run by Trinity College Dublin). I have just finished the first week of both and they are absolutely fascinating and should keep me intellectually busy and stimulated during the next few weeks. As with all the FutureLearn courses (of which there are many and on very diverse subjects) they are completely free and can be undertaken at your own speed. I did one last year on Hadrians Wall as a frontier of the Roman Empire and it was really interesting and very informative. These two are so good that I'm finding it hard to disengage with either of them and I'm putting in far more hours than specified. Just as well I've got plenty of time on my hands.
I have just come to the end of my first house sit and can't believe I have been here for three weeks already. Viv and Chris came back from Tasmania on Friday and we spent the afternoon and evening quaffing wine and chatting like old friends. I spent Friday night in the cosy cabin again and they drove me over to Cronulla yesterday afternoon in time for a bbq dinner with Tom and Becky, three of their friends and Becky's parents. Great food, plenty of wine and a couple of board games. It was a lovely evening.
David and Maura left to return to Ireland around midday and I had a relaxing afternoon with Tom and Becky before she and I went for a walk along the prom leaving Tom to his X Box. 8617FA3A061DBEFD8FAA8EBC564F1B1E.jpg861AEA289C0A353FDC5CA30DA2100A80.jpg
It was sad to say goodbye to Josie 866190E6F422659B1B1B07A3969219CE.jpg and I'm sure that if I lived here Viv and Cris would become firm friends but it is good to back in Cronulla 8619A2C8FB8D97B2E203C14C582FF610.jpg and I will make the most of Tom and Becky's company before I fly off to Brisbane next wekend.

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Sounds like heaven on earth!

Have a great journey.

Lots of love


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