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Beach heat and itchy feet

Well I managed two days on the beach and finished two books and then I got bored so on Wednesday I took the ferry from Cronulla to Bundeena and the Royal National Park. 654D87AB2219AC6817DA627AFFCE1828.jpg654E7A8D2219AC681719DBACC624A437.jpgYou can do a circular track walk around Jibbon Head and also access the start of the Coast Path from Bundeena.654F2DCF2219AC6817D29ED973D6F35D.jpg654FC3252219AC6817D0FD80211C6D0B.jpg I decided to head South along the coast path towards Marley Beach (the sandy area at the bottom of the picture)782BFFBD2219AC681780F84A58DBC39B.jpgand once again I was stunned by the beauty of this coast line and the incredible rock shapes and colours782CE3142219AC6817520E6B37D5B6B6.jpg782E4D6D2219AC68175CB0ACAB587F86.jpgWhen I got there Marley beach was completely empty so, for a blissful hour, I had it to myself to enjoy my picnic lunch and to explore the rocks and pools.78307E3A2219AC681780A2104BD81853.jpg787B01BF2219AC681704996546C10643.jpg7831B4202219AC6817F3C30627218C0F.jpg7832E68C2219AC681794F8EF884E8741.jpgThen the tide began to come in fast and the rocks that I had been standing on only a few minutes earlier were very quickly covered.787CFF8A2219AC6817028252D1D37625.jpgHigher up the beach is a small lagoon which is freshwater fed and is full of fish whose jumping was fascinating to watch.787BF08F2219AC6817129F2AD6A95960.jpgIt is possible to do a circuit back to Bundeena through the bush but I prefer to walk by the sea so I took the same route back and then joined the Jibbon Head Loop. The Park is an ornithologists dream, it is alive with birdsong and birds darted from cover on one side of the track to the other as I passed through. My only regret is that my knowledge of Australian birds is so poor that I coudn't recognise most of them. The Jibbon Loop is a wide track, like a fire break, that has been cut through dense bush and filled with sand and at one point I surprised something that sounded like hooves taking off . My first thought was 'wild pig', although I am not sure if there are any in the Park, but it seemed to be too heavy for a deer. I saw some cloven hoof prints in the sand, front and back close together, so maybe something with short legs but that is as much as my Sherlock Holmes aptitude could tell me. After the track hits the clliffs the walking is easy and very scenic and then I quite literally stumbled onto the Jibbon Rock Platform787F01AA2219AC6817B0F1A034C37DAF.jpgI knew there were some Aboriginal rock carvings somewhere up there but I didn't realise how incredible these 2000 year old carvings actually are.7880383D2219AC6817E059D36A72D1A5.jpg78812C652219AC6817A0193E0BD89747.jpg788229962219AC6817462DA796BEDB38.jpg78835DDE2219AC681731393A4C7FA64D.jpgConsidering their age, the weathering over the centuries and the fact that people have been walking all over them during that time it is amazing that you can still see them. Conservation work is being carried out at the moment and, on google images, pictures have been taken where the outlines have been filled with something flourescent and then photographed in the dark. Definitely worth looking at these! At the most northerly point of Jibbon Head it is possible to see Sydney and because the day was overcast and hazy it looked a little as you would imagine Camelot to be in the distance.78845E742219AC68173EC4BF47BE2573.jpgI dropped down onto Jibbon Beach and walked back around the bay for the ferry to Cronulla. It was a great day walk, about 18 kilometres in total, and not arduous at all but I was a bit dehydrated when I got home. I had taken 750cl in a water bottle but it was definitely not enough and there was nowhere for me to top that up. I have never really liked the idea of the platypus water carriers, always being a bit concerned about keeping the bags and water lines bug free, but I shall have to revisit that option. I'm sure it has been said many times before but my advice now would be to always take at least twice as much water as you think you are going to need and certainly no less than 1.5 litres for a day walk.
That evening we had a magnificent sunset, one where nature reminds you that great works of art are mere manmade copies,78D9AB2B2219AC681755F2731D41FC3C.jpg78DA8A062219AC6817353C8F0465EA9B.jpg78DB635D2219AC681748F6AFE40AB7E4.jpg78DC1A882219AC6817359C965A69AF29.jpgand during the night a perfect storm. The rain could not have been louder if a fire hose had been aimed at the window and the thunder and lightening were monumental. We woke up to a dull morning on Thursday but by lunchtime, as forecast (amazingly), the clouds cleared and the sun shone from another blue sky so I took myself back to the beach with a new book ?.

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